Absa Mobile Banking – www.absa.mobi

Absa Cellphone Banking: www.absa.mobi : Do you want to transform your Cellphone into a mobile bank? Nowadays, with the blessing of modern science people can access everything through their mobile phone. It is possible to bank with Absa using a Cellphone. Absa has above one million customers who bank with Absa through a mobile phone. No matter, you are passing a busy day for your business or going for a business trip, you can access all banking facilities through Absa cellphone banking. Receive all the convenience of your bank that you are looking for and stay with Absa 24 hours. You can get almost all the facilities through a mobile phone that Absa offers for their client.

Why you choose Absa Cellphone Banking: 

  • Being able to bank from anywhere anytime.
  • Can check your account balances.
  • Make payments without standing in a line.
  • Receive notification SMS into your Cellphone.
  • Receive all the facilities that Absa offers you.

Benefits of Absa Mobile Banking:

  • You can pay for your own or anyone’s prepaid airtime using Cellphone banking.
  • Transfer any amount to anyone through your cell phone that the recipient can withdraw from any Absa ATM without having an account with any bank.
  • You can apply for the personal loan or express loan from your mobile phone and can access the amount whether Absa approved.
  • Pay for anything of your daily life like water bill, electricity bill, and clothing.
  • You can transfer your money to any of your linked accounts
  • Pay to anybody using One-off payments.
  • Check your outstanding balance and transaction history via a mobile phone.
  • Pay traffic fines and send or receive money with Western Union.

 Register for Cellphone Banking

To receive all the convenience of Absa on a cellphone you have to register with Absa Cellphone Banking. You can register for this service following three processes:

1)   Write down www.absa.mobi on your cell phone or PC browser and select the “Cellphone Banking Logon” option.

2)   You can also register by dialing *120*2270# and follow the instruction.

3)   If you do not like to apply following these ways then you can visit the nearest local branches.

Logon to Absa mobile banking:

1)   Go to www.absa.mobi

2)   Press button of “ Cellphone Banking Logon”

3)   Enter your Account number and PIN number.

Get security notification into your mobile device:

Absa offers NotifyMe SMS service for the security reason of a client. You will be notified by Absa for your every transaction. Absa does not charge an extra charge for this service as it is a part of your monthly registration fees. You will receive a security notification SMS when you: log on the cellphone banking, add or update beneficiary details, make payment and update profile. The bank will send a notification SMS into your cellphone that you have submitted at the time of registration of your bank account. You can update your Cellphone number by visiting your local branch.

Contact details of Cellphone Banking:

  • Call at: 0860 11 123
  • Type into your mobile phone: *120*2272#
  • Or visit nearest local branch

For internet banking information visit their homepage